Laurel Leaves

Naturally dried to preserve their flavor, the finest Bay Leaves have been selected for the Ideal Dried Products range. Bay leaves are pungent and have a sharp taste but when dried the fragrance is herbal and slightly floral.

Mostly used in Mediterranean and North America cuisines in soups, meats, fish and vegetable dishes.

Production Area

The origins of Bay Leaves are mainly Mediterranean region. They are also grown at the coasts of Aegean, Black Sea, Marmara region.

Total Crop Size

Turkey has an average crop size of 12.500 tones/year and Turkey is the biggest bay leaf exporter in the world with %95 of market share.

Production Period

The harvest period of Bay leaf is between July and October. Drying period takes 10-15 days for the leaves.

Process Types

Hand Select Calibrated, Hand Select Uncalibrated, Hand Semiselect Calibrated, Hand Semiselect Uncalibrated, Machine Semiselect, Standard, Fare Average Quantity (F.A.Q.).


In Bales (1 x Bale = 50 kgs Net):

  • Quantity in 1 x 20’’ FCL: 8.000 kgs Net (160 bales)
  • Quantity in 1 x 40’’ FCL: 16.000 kgs Net (320 bales)

In Carton Boxes (1 x Carton Box = 20 kgs Net):

  • Quantity in 1 x 20’’ FCL: 3.200 kgs kgs Net (160 cartons)
  • Quantity in 1 x 40’’ FCL: 6.400 kgs kgs Net (320 cartons)

Quality Assurance