Hazelnuts can be found especially in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

The hazel is a small deciduous tree originated in southern Europe and Turkey.

The hazelnut nowadays grows in Turkey, Spain, Italy and the United States, but is originally from Turkey.

Why are hazelnuts good for you?

It seems that eating hazelnuts, and other tree nuts, can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. This is probably due to their impressive store of monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and minerals, such as copper and magnesium, all of which reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Hazelnuts are full of oil, but there's no evidence they are fattening. Quite the contrary: people on nut-rich diets often show weight loss. An explanation for this is that eating nuts stimulates the metabolism and makes you burn more calories. Another is that the high fat, protein, and fiber composition of nuts gives them the "fullness factor" in spades, so when we eat them, we are left feeling satisfied, not tempted to stuff our faces with less healthy foods.

Sizes of Hazelnuts

9/11mm, 11/13mm, 12/14mm, 13/15mm


5 to 25 kg cartons in bulk and or vacuum packs in cartons

In 25-50 kgs. PP bags

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