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IDEAL LTD. was established in 2001 in order to export agricultural products and we are realising agricultural products export to 16 countries.

Along with our 30 years of experience in the sector as well as the best quality of the raw materials only from our region which are purchased directly from 1300 grovers loose without being pressed into the bags is giving us advantage of obtaining excellent quality final products.
Dried SultanasDried TomatoesDried Bay LeavesAnise SeedsCumin SeedsOregano
About fulfilling our engagements in conformity with the precise specifications and the demands of the buyers, we are implementing ISO 9000 quality assurance and HACCP Food Safety Systems. By awaring that the quality is not an accident but it is always as the result of intelligent efforts our company mainly focused on the quality products at every point in the value chain from harvest to end user by applying the highest levels of quality monitoring.

Through our long experience in regard to crop, developments market information and especially in efficient production systems is allowing us to provide the most competitive prices to our clients around the world at all the times.

Ideally yours,